Bhavita Photography

Hi there, ... Welcome! I'm Bhavita

Welcome ... so excited you here!. I am a New Jersey based photographer and have been for 7 years now. I started photography as a hobby, I loved taking pictures of my kids in fun outfits and setups. I knew it made me happy, and so I took the next step by taking some classes. I started staying up watching videos of everything photography, obsessing over it and the more I learned the more intrigued I got of this new world. After spending a few more months self-learning the technical side of this world, I dove into my new passion.
My goal is to the take away the awkward feeling of taking pictures, making it a fun experience for your family. I love getting to know my clients, so get ready to hang out with me and enjoy a relaxing conversation through out the shoot. Photography is a form of storytelling, so lets make memories together and always remember to have fun!

Like every mom, I had to make sure I talked about my babies a bit. My son Krish is 12 and my daughter Sanaya is 8, and they are extremely energetic. We are big on sports, and I am that embarrassing mom that screams from the sidelines. They love hiking.. ok so they hate hiking, but I make then do it anyway. When they aren't fighting and beating each other up, they like to bake together (I don't get it, but I love it). So that's my little ones in a few sentences.

What I Love...