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Maternity sessions are so beautiful, I just love them.. The glow on a mom, the anticipation of a beautiful life being born.. everything about it is so exciting. I didn't do a maternity session, and it's one of my biggest regrets. I would love to have gone back to those images of me with my kiddos in the belly. So if you are reading this and debating if you should or shouldn't do one, the fact that you are thinking about it is a sign that you really want one. I know it can be a bit overwhelming with figuring out clothes, makeup, and so on.. but I promise it will be worth looking back to the time when you were carrying life.

1) Gowns always look amazing in pictures.. and you can order from Amazon for last minute session. If you are doing a shorter dress, something that will give you a flattering silhouette works best. Stay away from busy designs, solid and simple is key. And go all out if you can... 2) Head pieces are a must!! There is something about the way pregnant mommies look with pretty head pieces. Floral, gold, silver, simple chain, whatever your heart desires. 3) Props: bringing baby shoes, the sonogram, and even a onesie can be fun to incorporate in the shoot. 4) Sticking to a relaxed and organic look so you aren't over powering the natural glow and beauty of your pregnancy is the way to go.

5) When should you do the shoot? . Doing the shoot when you are showing (between 6-7 months) is ideal depending on how big the bump is. Waiting too long isn't ideal as you may be more uncomfortable doing the shoot that late in the pregnancy.

Hope this was helpful and my fellow photographers please let me know if I missed anything.


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Maternity Photography
January 18, 2022